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Stainless Steel

We are Gerber Steel, a pack of metals mavericks and master solution hunters. Our purpose: turn bold imaginations into bold realities.

If you live for the thrill of the sale, thrive under pressure, and dream bigger than boundaries allow – join our hunt.

We seek those powered by personal accountability and resilience. Complacency is the enemy. Bring your A-game.

As our sales sharpshooter, you will use your talents every day to hunt potential customers and master the impossible deal.

Fortune favors the fearless. Our territory is vast with unlimited opportunity for those who match our intensity.

Apply now to join our accomplished team. We offer vast opportunities for talented professionals to grow and succeed.

Show us you have the motivation and abilities to excel. Complete our application process and begin your career journey with us.

The top candidates will demonstrate exceptional communication skills and accountability. Bring your best and let’s get to work.

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Gerber STeel

About us

Gerber Steel
Where Metals
Meet Solutions

For those who dream in stainless steel and aluminium, who see opportunity where others see obstacles, who thrive on solving the unsolvable – this is your stage.

We are seekers, innovators, and solution-architects masquerading as a metals company. Our passion for stainless steel and aluminium drives us, but our purpose is greater. We are here to turn imagination into reality, to bridge the gap between impossible and possible.

Every day brings new challenges and new chances to defy expectations. The only constant is change – and we welcome it. We are equipped not just to weather storms, but to harness their energy and emerge stronger.

Our team is filled with unconventional thinkers and tireless problem solvers. We value resilience, creativity, and the willingness to take smart risks and the necessary responsibility. We operate with independence but move together toward shared goals.

If you want your talents to have real impact, if you crave variety and think big, if you relish being hands-on in an evolving global business – we invite you to join our cast of metals magicians. The stage is set for you to bend stainless steel and aluminium to your will. Let’s get to work.

When you are

A perfect fit

Only the Fearless
Need Apply

We’re looking for a rare breed to join our pack of metals mavericks.

You chase the impossible with relentless drive. Mediocrity makes you restless – you yearn to go farther, solve smarter, sell greater. Complacency is your archnemesis.

You crave challenges that test your limits because you know growth lives outside your comfort zone. We’ll give you opportunities to flex your muscles and expand your abilities every single day.

You don’t just think about sales, you dream about it. Closing the perfect deal gets your heart pounding. You’re willing to outwork, outhustle, and outperform to make it happen.

Our pack moves with coordination and purpose. You’ll leverage your individual talents for the good of the team’s goals, motivated by camaraderie and friendly competition.

When you bring everything you’ve got, we’ll return the same energy. This is the big league. If you want an environment where extraordinary is expected, where A-players lift each other higher, you’ll fit right in.

Does this quicken your pulse? Then it’s time to prove your relentless, unstoppable spirit. We only want the hungriest – dare you join the hunt?

Live for The Thrill of the Hunt

and the triumph of the close

The Quest
Should You Choose
to Accept It

Your relentless hunt for new business will drive our pack’s success. As our sales sharpshooter, your targets are limitless opportunity and revenue growth.

You’ll be unleashed daily to stalk new prospects, build relationships, and close lucrative deals. Our existing clients will rely on you to anticipate their needs and engineer solutions.

We expect you to push beyond boundaries and break records. Take aim at challenges that make others balk – impossible targets only increase your motivation.

Who We Seek

Our ideal packmate lives for the thrill of the hunt and the triumph of the close. You must:

The hunt is on. Our territory is vast with unlimited prospects – but we only have room for the hungriest. Match our intensity and the rewards will be legendary. Enter the hunt?

Delay no more

the time to join the hunt is now

Change Doesn't Wait - Take Control of Your Destiny

Hungry for a new challenge but held back by circumstance? Delay no more – the time to join the hunt is now.

We know exceptional talent when we see it. If you have the fire within but feel trapped in your current role, we will move mountains to discreetly bring you into our pack.

Our expedition regularly uncovers diamonds in the rough who are ready to shine with the right opportunities. We are equipped to excavate your latent talents and potential.

Your current obligations will be respected – we can coordinate calls and meetings to suit your situation. Join us first in spirit, we’ll handle the details to get you into position.

Don’t let stagnation claim you. Summon the courage to take that first step towards greater purpose and possibilities. Opportunities like this don’t linger long – seize it and set yourself free.

The hunt awaits – it’s time to break from the pack holding you back and run with the wolves. We’ll help you find the way.

Join the HunT

The Pack waits for you

Complete Our Quick Application Now

We only accept the hungriest - are you ready to prove you have what it takes?

Submit a quick application now to begin the vetting process. We’ll assess if you can keep pace with our pack.

This trial undertaking will reveal much about your drive and abilities. Pass, and you’ll be invited to join our expedition.

The testing grounds await – start your quest by showing us your relentless spirit. Prove that mediocrity makes you restless and impossible pursuits beckon you.

You know who you are – the proactive problem solver, the unstoppable sales machine, the brave risk taker. We see your inner wolf – now show us its fierce glory.

Seize this chance to break free from stagnation and run wild with those who share your talents. Fill out the trial application and take the first step toward limitless opportunity. Destiny calls – answer it.

The most legendary rewards go to the boldest – apply now and claim yours. We dare you.